Building data fluency is a priority for 89% of companies

The good news: Companies already know data fluency is important

Here’s an eye-popping statistic: Building data fluency is a moderate or high priority for 89% of the broad cross-section of companies we surveyed. Companies across industries and at various stages in their data fluency journeys agree.

But the gap is widening between companies with mature and immature data fluency competencies

What’s concerning is that building data fluency is less of a priority for those with immature data fluency competencies—it’s considered “high priority” for 55% of those with mature competencies, but only for 25% of those with immature data fluency competencies.

There are several dangers for companies with immature data fluency competencies that don’t take action to catch up to their peers:

  • They may lose competitive advantage and undermine business strategies.
  • They may fall behind in individual, team, and cross-team efficiency.
  • They may miss out on essential automation opportunities.
  • They may have a harder time tracking successes and failures.
  • They may fall behind in innovation capabilities.
  • They may miss out on fostering employee engagement, since employees who are actively learning are more productive and ask better questions.

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